Back to School

As the end of the school holidays draws near (yay!) you will probably be looking at new uniforms, pens, pencils, pencil cases and lunchboxes etc.

You may also be thinking about what to put in your children’s lunch boxes. Making A Healthy LunchboxSugary treats and snacks such as cake and chocolate bars and fizzy drinks or fruit juices are often a popular choice. However, these types of treats and snacks, while delicious and appealing to your children, may come at the cost of their pearly whites!

The New Road Dental hygienists have come up with some handy advice on how to keep decay at bay during lunch breaks and at home:

  • If your children aren’t keen on water they still need to keep hydrated. Provide mini cartons of no added sugar fruit juice instead of the full sized full sugar ones.
  • Make the savoury part of the meal more interesting by using wraps, crudités with hummus or sandwiches cut into fun shapes etc. This way the ‘exciting’ part of the meal won’t be the sugary treats after their boring main.
  • No added sugar yoghurt is good for a snack as they often contain a lot of calcium, which is good for healthy teeth and bones.
  • Fruit is full of sugar and enamel damaging acid, but obviously we do not want to discourage healthy eating! Instead, maintain a good level of at-home oral hygiene care and this will help prevent cavities that could be caused by this.
  • For younger children that get distracted easily while cleaning their teeth, let them do it in front of the TV or while they are reading a book using a beaker of water. They will often then spend longer with the brush in their mouths, not hurrying to get back out of the bathroom to do more interesting things. Once they are done only get them to spit out instead of rinsing with water as this will make sure the tooth paste is kept in their mouths longer.

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Picture sourced from Freddy Fit