Stoptober – Discount off teeth whitening

Stoptober…The Start of a Healthier, Happier, Whiter Smile

(1st-28th October)

As you probably know already, smoking can cause serious harm to the soft and hard tissues in your mouth. But do you know why? Here are a few facts to help you along on your journey to quit smoking for good.

If you do not smoke yourself, why not let your friends and families who are smokers know these facts too?

  • Smoking may change the type of bacteria in dental plaque, increasing the number of bacteria that are more harmful
  • It reduces the blood flow in the gums and supporting tissues of the tooth and makes them more likely to become inflamed
  • Smokers’ gum disease will get worse more quickly than in people who do not smoke. Because of the reduced blood flow smokers may not get the warning symptoms of bleeding gums as much as non-smokers
  •  Gum disease is still the most common cause of tooth loss in adults
  • One of the effects of smoking is staining on the teeth due to the nicotine and tar in tobacco. It can make the teeth yellow in a very short time, and heavy smokers often complain that their teeth are almost brown after years of smoking.

Now, on to the good stuff! Quitting smoking may seem like an insurmountable feat right now, but there is help out there. New Road Dental Practice is teaming up with Lloyds Pharmacy to give you the best shot at quitting for good.

When you book in with the Lloyds Pharmacy team in Croxley Green for a smoking cessation session you will receive a discount voucher for an amount off teeth whitening treatment with us! This will be a great reward from us and from you to yourself for managing to quit and may help you stay off of the cigarettes too, as you will not want to stain your new pearly white teeth! We also provide oral cancer screening and advice, just in case you need a little extra help.

A fresh start and a fresh smile, all with the help of Lloyds Pharmacy and New Road Dental!

For any more information or to book an appointment please call us on 01923 776 270 or email us at and one of our friendly Customer Service Advisors will be more than happy to assist.

Image from the “Real Cost Campaign”