Happy New Year from Our New Road Dental Team

Looking forward to the New Year? Looking forward to improving your Oral Health?

Firstly we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you enjoyed the festive season from the Bell Yard/ New Road Dental Team. 2016 was a busy year for us; we have been able to help our patients achieve better oral health and in many cases helped them maintain/create the smile that they are now proud of.

Oral Health is an ongoing process; even well maintained teeth can suffer if we start to neglect them. The New Year always brings a new fitness regime to lose weight or get fit for an occasion that’s been announces. New jobs can be around the corner as well as potential new relationships.

From a dental perspective there a few things you could do, to have Healthy teeth and gums in 2017, it will also help to give you that smile boost you’re looking for!

Sugar! – This is always at the top of the list this time of year! We all know the diet has increased sugar in December. But also remember that sugar has increase obesity and dental decay. Reducing the frequency of sugar intake to the main meals can help prevent decay and benefit your oral health over all.

Flossing! – Yes the word that every dentist/hygienist uses “have you been flossing?” most people see this as an ‘extra thing to do’. Adding flossing/tepe’s/interprox/glides to the daily routine gives a huge boost to your Oral Health. Just think teeth have 5 surfaces! Many people forget the in-between bits, flossing helps to remove food from between the teeth. Flossing also helps to remove the bacteria which contribute to gum disease and halitosis!

Smoking! – The New Year is always a good time to make that decision to stop smoking, a lot of people decide in January to take the steps! There are always support groups as you will never be alone! Did you know smoking contributes to Oral Cancers and gum disease, stopping smoking will help to keep your mouth health! Also it helps the bank balance double bonus!

You’re Smile! – now not everyone has that smile that they are proud of, it could be the discolouration of the teeth, the positioning of the teeth as with age the teeth start moving! There are different ways that the dentist can help you get to where you want to be! There are many cosmetic treatments that the team perform on a daily basis to help you get to where you want to be. From changing fillings to look cosmetically better, to whitening your teeth to give them that glow, maybe even straightening your teeth using invisalign ( the perfect discreet way for you to get the look you want!). There may be that gap in the mouth that you’re not happy about we do Implants too. We at Bell Yard/New Road are here to help you achieve what you want so you can smile with pride!

Look out for our new monthly Blogs on ways to help you Smile from Ear to Ear! Welcome to 2017!