Meet Our Team!

Welcome to 2017, as a New Starts we would also like you to meet our team there have been a few changes over the recent months but we are welcoming the new diverse team that we have!

Don’t worry the old favourites are still here who are part of the furniture that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!

Let’s start at the top! Our lovely owners Dr Paaras Dhanani is back after a Christmas away in Canada as him about his adventures when you see him next!

Dr Nimesh Patel has been the trooper this Christmas enjoying the festive season at home with his family as well as dealing with all emergencies this season.

Sarah the Practice Manager sadly left us in November after a long time at New Road and we wish her all the best in her new ventures. However she has been replaced by a duo of Managers Michele looks after the New Road Practice and Asma looks after the Bell Yard Practice but work together to uniform both practices.

Our dentist remain the happy bubbly people you’re used to seeing. The friendly natured team of Dr Hema Pankhania, Dr Raoul Patel, Dr Jinita Popat, Dr Shivani Patel and our new Vocational Trainee Dr Maya Amlani.

Supported by our amazing Hygienists: Christine Braglia, Pooja Shah & Samantha Brown working various days and hours to suit your dental needs.

These two teams are supported by our Amazing Dental Nurses : Ewelina, Sejal, Rita, Alina and Olga.

Not forgetting our Admin support Team who run and maintain the diaries and any queries you might have: Hilary, Silvie, Victoria.

We look forward to welcoming you in 2017 for your routine appointments and any special treatments you require as well for any special occasions!